Wireless Broadband

What is Wireless Broadband?

Installation of leased Lines (direct Internet Connections) can sometimes present a problem with installation timelines. Delays can occur because of wayleave permissions and having to dig up the road to provide ducting for the fibre cable. Sometimes projects are moved forward and companies need to be up and running in days rather than months.

A fixed fibre line can take up to 60 working days or more where a Wireless Broadband can be delivered in a matter of days


Wireless Broadband is generally available in metropolitan areas where it is difficult to run fibre cables in City Centres but has spread out to outer lying city’s and small towns. But where it is available is an excellent alternative to fixed Leased Lines (Fibre).

Disaster Recovery Solutions:

Wireless is an excellent backup to Fibre and is often used in mission critical scenarios with the back up line offering upto 100Mbs as Standard but scaling up to 5Gbs if the fixed land line goes down (e.g. someone has dug up the cable)


Wireless leased lines use rooftop antenna to establish your building with an internet connection.

Instead of being supplied with a cable by your local internet provider, your chosen ISP installs the antenna directly. This is done by attaching the antenna to the roof of your building.

After this has been fitted, your antenna is lined up with others in the same locality, and a point-to-point internet connection can be directed to your business. This is also known as line of sight (LOS) of the connection route. Your ISP will make changes to your connection by visiting your premises and replacing your antenna as required.