Cyber Security


Here at Talking Business, we understand the ever present threat of cyber attacks and that security is paramount. We are proud to be Cyber Accredited which means we can confidently provide you with the expertise and peace of mind you deserve.

A business may want to install content monitoring and filtering for a number of reasons: employee productivity, exposing the company to malware, monitoring if employees are complying with IT and HR policy on internet use, checking that systems are running properly. If there are concerns about when, how long for and which websites employees are browsing, monitoring and filtering are a good solution. Accessing certain websites can increase the risk of a cyber attack, leaving a business vulnerable to malicious activity. Flexibility of the software allows for changing the whitelist (approved websites) and blacklist (blocked websites). Monitoring software can also identify if sites are slowing internet access for example those streaming audio and video content.


If you’re concerned about system vulnerabilities and the ways in which you run your business can leave you exposed, a security audit will identify areas for review. As hackers evolve malware, businesses need to make sure they can defend themselves agains new risks. A security audit will set a baseline and establish a plan of action your business can implement for peace of mind. Get in touch if you’re ready to get your business protected.


We hack you first! An IT penetration test is essentially a controlled hack to see if an attack on your system is possible. A penetration test might be required if a similar organisation to yours has recently been hacked, to check if your company is complying with new legislation or to test newly implemented software or a new business process. The test is usually done out of hours so there’s no business downtime but you will be able to asses the impact an attack on a critical system. Our in-house experts are ready to test your systems, give us a call to arrange an initial meeting!



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