Talking Business Grant

FREE £5,000 grant to help business' upgrade their telecoms.

We are now offering a financial grant to help businesses upgrade their telecoms. The Talking Business Grant is available for a limited time only and can cover up to £5000 of the installation of a new phone system.
The catch is that not everyone can qualify for the grant. There are a few questions we have to ask to ensure that your business qualifies, so let us know when the best time would be to give you a quick call.
The grant will allow business’ to upgrade to either a VOIP phone system or a cloud system.
We do understand the old saying that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But there a couple of crucial reasons to upgrade.
The main reason is the amount of cost savings that can be made from upgrading. Due to there not being any physical phone lines coming into the building, line rental is either free or around 60% lower than traditional lines.
ISDN is being turned off by BT, so business are going to have to upgrade at some point.
There are a lot of new features available, and they are listed below:
  • Call reporting – monitor the business’ call activity, allowing sales managers to track staff productivity.
  • Mobile application – work out of the office anywhere in the world with a simple mobile application
  • On screen call handling and PC integration – providing click to dial and much more integration
  • And many more features

However, as we’ve said, there are certain criteria that need to be hit in order to qualify for this grant. Let us know when is best to contact you and we will have a five minute conversation to determine if your business qualify.

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