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We provide IT solutions for helping schools budget better for their KCSIE requirements by offering the best rates, with the best service, to help them concentrate on what is really important.

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IT Solutions for Schools

We provide a range of IT solutions that cater for all the needs of schools and their IT department concerning KCSIE.

Whether its CCTV, Access Control, Telecoms, IT or connectivity we have the solutions for your school and IT budgets.

Not only do we provide the perfect IT solutions, at the right price with our knowledge of IT requirements covering KCSIE – Keeping Children Safe in Education – we help with reducing your budget deficit to concentrate on what you do best – teaching children in a safe environment.

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Phone Systems

Talking Business has a range of suppliers that we can provide to schools. It allows us to provide a highly tailored service at the best price.

IP Phone systems have a lot of features that are perfect for schools. Firstly systems can now be integrated with SIMS and other CRM systems. This will allow receptionists and office staff to click and dial from their screens. The system will recognise when a parent or student call in and will open their record on SIMS, giving the receptionist advanced warning of who is calling.

Having worked with schools Talking Business understands one of the biggest advantages is the ability to deploy SIP lines to replace ISDN. These are virtual lines that come through an internet. They can save schools between 50%-60% on line rental as well as lower call charges.

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B.Y.O.D – Bring Your Own Device

The number of devices being deployed at schools and colleges is soaring each year. Whether it is a new deployment of tablets for students, or their own mobile phones every device requires bandwidth.

At Talking Business one of our suppliers for wireless networks is Meru Wireless. Meru have a unique design that only they deploy.

We know some school buildings are hard to cover with a wireless network, but with Meru’s single channel technology coverage won’t be a problem.

The way the network deals with devices roaming is the best on the market. It controls when a device changes access point, not the other way round. This allows perfect roaming with no signal drops.

Find out more about Meru with the link below.

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Small Business Connectivity


End of ISDN?

By 2025 BT will turn off the ISDN network and there will be no choice but to adopt SIP lines.

SIP are virtual lines that come through any internet connection. There are many advantages of SIP but the once most relevant to schools is simply the amount of savings that are to be made.

Talking Business’ SIP lines can save schools 50%-60% on their line rental as well as savings on call spend.

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