IT outsourcing, is the execution of IT processes and activities of an organisation by an external company that has its own structure, resources, decision-making capacity and management.

And what are the advantages of IT outsourcing for schools?

Since the 1970s, markets and productive sectors have undergone a profound transformation due to the development of globalisation and the constant technological revolution. In this context, outsourcing, especially the technological one, has established itself as one of the most efficient formulas to adapt quickly to an increasingly competitive environment. Leaving aside the generation of economies of scale, there are other tactical and strategic reasons why technology outsourcing is one of the most beneficial options for schools.

Cost reduction

The main reason for outsourcing your school IT services or reaching outsourcing models of many schools is to reduce their operating costs. Savings are significant with estimates approaching 40%. It’s easy to really evidence the savings; a Gartner study reported that just outsourcing email services reduces costs.

But both capital and operating expenses can be reduced. It is not necessary to spend on hardware and dedicate entire spaces to having a data centre of its own. The budget for hiring IT teams from application development, hardware installation to end-user support can be significantly reduced through outsourced contracts. Along with the reduction of the payroll, come lower costs in training and in benefits.

Outsourcing also makes predictive costs with monthly fixed rates. Outsourcing providers may sometimes charge less for network and support services than the value the company would pay directly to the provider, given the scale-outs of outsourcing.

By outsourcing IT, the school also eliminates the costs associated with hiring staff, refresher courses, insurance, taxes and retirement plans, among others. The savings obtained by eliminating the cost of hiring an IT team is compelling.

Often, an in-house engineer does not have all the necessary knowledge for the solution of problems and this is the reason why the school reverts to the hiring of experts for the solution of problems. Thus, when hiring an IT outsourcing company, the school will no longer have to worry about hiring technicians, paying employees, job charges, solving problems, optimising issues, etc. All of this will result in reduced costs.

Focus on the main business of the school

According to the results, the main reason is cost reduction, followed by a focus on the company’s main strategy and process improvement. Also, it allows companies to focus on their core business and invest their specialised time and resources in their core competencies, that is, those that generate value and ensure their position in the market. IT contracting or IT training for outsourced employees is often costly, but with a technology outsourcing solution, it not only provides qualified staff at a competitive price but also provides extensive professional experience.

In IT outsourcing, the provider manages the team that will develop enterprise solutions (manage, integrate and automate IT processes). This ensures that the school is dedicated exclusively to its core needs, in which to remain highly competitive.

Reducing risks

Through the improvement of IT processes, guaranteed by a competent subcontracting team capable of providing solutions that meet the needs of the school, it is possible to reduce risks and increase the efficiency of the organisation. Risks are always present in any company. Market changes, competitiveness, new government regulations, expenditures, and investments in technologies all constantly change. In IT outsourcing, the service provider assumes and manages the risks.

In addition, delegating IT management allows companies to have efficient technology platforms and qualified human resources at a lower cost. This translates into a greater flexibility that reduces the times of response and an increase in efficiency in the development of processes and in the orientation of resources.

Internally, starting an IT project requires a process of evaluation, management and control that can involve months or even years. IT service providers have the knowledge, experience and resources to start new projects quickly and with minimal capital expenditure. Outsourcing providers efficiently assume and manage much of the intrinsic risk of developing technology projects. Today, most commercial transactions are digitised and only a supplier with a broad knowledge of the technology sector can ensure the safety and compliance of standards set by the industry to protect its customers.

Specialised Team

Companies today use equipment, technologies and systems developed by various manufacturers and brands, requiring a wide range of knowledge. Therefore, it is almost impossible for in-house IT professionals to be experts in everything related to the area. This means that having a team of your own may not be worthwhile for schools that cannot constantly train their employees.

By hiring a service provider specialising in IT outsourcing, it is possible to guarantee all the advantages mentioned here with a team trained and knowledgeable in all areas of IT.

As the IT provider is responsible and interested in doing so, it will ensure that its employees have certifications and training in the technologies for which they are hired.

The IT service provider has a team of experts in multiple technologies; so the school will have the advice of experts when making informed decisions. They will have access to the latest technology and support of a work team whose purpose is to be constantly evolving. Its function will be to ensure that the systems are current and in optimum operation.

Increase flexibility

Technology is expensive, so making wrong decisions is risky in terms of investment. An IT provider has a solid base of experience that elicits technically favourable decisions. If the school decides to change the technology strategy, their IT provider will have tools and services that can help with the transition to a new platform.

Outsourced IT services significantly reduce the risk of losing information, more than 300 million malware are created each year, whereby schools face significant losses in the event of an incident.

The outsourced team are responsible for ensuring that data centres have the appropriate security and optimal configuration: firewalls, information assurance procedures, monitoring software, and proven backups. These providers regularly have security standards, which are necessary to protect critical information for schools.

Having a third party in IT typically leads to agile service recovery procedures that are optimal and react appropriately to crashes and service failures.

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