Whether its Analogue Lines, ISDN2, ISDN 30 or SIP Lines, we're here to connect your business - for less.

SIP Lines

SIP Channels – Session Initiation Protocol

SIP Channels are virtual lines that come through any internet connection.

These are the long term replacement of ISDN, and we believe that 95% of UK business will be connected via SIP channels opposed to ISDN.

There are many advantages of SIP:

  • Up to 60% cheaper than ISDN!
  • Numbers become virtual so are not restricted to location – allowing companies to purchase individual local numbers or international numbers.
  • Much more substantial disaster recovery.
  • DDI range diverts.
  • Free local and national calls, and free mobile on certain packages.

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ISDN2 & ISDN30 Traditional Digital Lines

ISDN2/30 are the traditional line that replaced analogue lines.

With ISDN2, has 1-2 circuits, with each circuit carrying one concurrent call. ISDN30 has 8-30 circuits.

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Analogue Lines

Talking Business supply a range of analogue lines for all purposes.

Analogue lines are still used in every business for a variety of purposes:

  • Fax Lines
  • Internet Connection
  • Alarm Lines
  • Voice Lines

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