MPLS Connection

SIP Connectivity

MPLS is a private cloud network that connects two or more offices together.

MPLS is a form of Ethernet connection that connects 2 or more offices together via a cloud network. Each office will have a managed router that connects it to the cloud network.

The actual physical connection between the site and cloud network can be any type of broadband connection, from an ADSL circuit to a dedicated lease line. As long as there is a managed router on site then it can be connected.

The routers control the data traffic passing through them. This speeds up the connection because the routers tag each packet with short path labels, instead of long network addresses. The routers recognise the short path label and can direct the packets quicker and with more efficiency.

Due to the offices being efficiently networked together then the use of systems such as an enterprise resource planning software are easily deployed.

MPLS’ are also perfect for creating a private cloud network for a phone system – drastically reducing telephony costs.

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