Leased Lines

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Dedicated, fixed bandwidth data internet connectivity product!

What is it?

A leased line is a dedicated, fixed bandwidth data internet connectivity product which is capable of carrying large amounts of data. By data we mean, internet traffic, corporate VPN (virtual private network) traffic and phone calls. A leased line is a type of internet connectivity however, it’s not the same as the normal Fibre or ADSL connection.

What is it used for?

A leased line is used for allowing devices to connect to the internet, carry out phone calls, enable staff within a business to remote access their office work (from their homes) and to link PC’s and servers in different corporate offices. Leased lines can also be used to link two locations together. An example of this could be linking a data centre and corporate office together.


Dedicated Leased Lines:

Along the route of the leased line, the bandwidth you need has been reserved for your use only. The bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. Bandwidth for digital devices is measured in bps (bits per second) or BPS (bytes per second). Whereas for analog devices, the bandwidth is measured in Hz (hertz). Below, we have listed some advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated connection.

Advantages– Faster download/upload speed, uncontended connections so it doesn’t slow down at peak times and better reliability/support.

Disadvantages – More expensive than an ADSL, could take 3 months to install and it may require a new circuit and some construction work on the network.

Symmetric Leased Lines:

Symmetric leased lines allow you to upload data at the same speed at which you can download data. This can be useful to staff within an office environment when they need to access their work PC desktops from home, send over large files, back up data using online services and using VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony.



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