Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

SIP Connectivity

Cost effective reliable connections!

What is it?

Ethernet in the First Mile is a cost effective leased line technology with high cost savings than traditional fibre leased lines. It provides symmetrical bandwidth which means the input and output is equal. For example, the upload speed could be 20Mbps and the download speed would be 20Mbps too. It’s also a resilient service which is covered by an SLA (service level agreement) guarantee.

What its used for?

EFM is suitable for providing reliable VPN (virtual private network) and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services. They are also used to replace leased lines or SDSL technology. EFM is a must for small businesses that use cloud services or applications.



  • EFM is available to 80% of business in the UK.
  • It can be installed in 45 days, which is half the time for a fibre leased line installation.
  • EFM achieves its reliability by consolidating a number of copper pairs into a single resilient connection.
  • If one copper pair fails, the connection will continue to operate however it will be at a slower speed.

Ethernet in the First Mile is also known as Ethernet Broadband and Ethernet Internet. EFM is presented at the premises as an Ethernet connection. This means it can be plugged into the WAN (wide area network) port of the firewall or router by using a standard Ethernet cable.

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