Business Broadband

An adequate broadband is quite simply a must for any business these days. Check out our range of broadband offers below.

Lease Line

A lease line is a dedicated fibre line that runs straight into a business premises. This will guarantee the selected speed, as well as offering strong disaster recovery options.

This type of connectivity has traditionally been a large monthly expense with an excessive installation fee. But working with our suppliers Talking Business are proud to be offering lease lines at a greatly reduced monthly investment.


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MPLS is a way of connecting multiple offices together in one private network.

A site can connect to an MPLS through any internet connection, whether that is a lease line or a basic ADSL.

The main advantages of a MPLS are:

  • Outsourced routing. Much simpler to use, as we would handle WAN routing. This means our customers don’t have to, which makes MPLS operationally simpler than managing a large routed network. This means, in turn, that companies can keep fewer WAN/router engineers on staff.
  • Any-to-any connectivity. With an MPLS it is so easy to interconnect sites. This makes it easier to have applications like voice and video, who have complicated traffic patterns easier to run.
  • Built-in support for Quality of Service (QoS). All our MPLS services come with QoS across all connections. This means that our customers can specify latency, jitter and packet loss.
  • Service-level agreements (SLAs) with delivery guarantees. Like most commercial-caliber services, MPLS comes with our guarantee when it comes to installation times and availability. That’s in contrast to consumer-grade Internet, which is typically offered on a best-effort basis.

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Converged Broadband

This is either a FTTC or ADSL broadband that has quality of service. This means that both data and voice can go down one connection without any issue with quality.

We’re currently running an offer of FREE converged fibre when bought in conjunction with SIP lines.

Terms and conditions apply. Contact us today to find out more about converged broadband.

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Small Business Connectivity

Assured Broadband

Broadband dedicated to voice

Assured broadband is used only for voice, which means the quality is guaranteed. It has SLA’s on it, which means we are accountable for the quality.

This is opposed to standard ADSL where there is no assurances on the quality of voice.

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With fibre been rolled out to most areas, there will never be a better time to upgrade.

Talking Business have many different options ranging from 50GB cap, up until unlimited with very competitive pricing.

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