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We are currently working closely with the hospitality industry with an aim to help provide the best customer service possible.

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More Profit for you, better experience for them

Whether it is through a wireless network that can not only handle the increased demand but provide its own revenue stream, or saving money through cloud telecoms – Talking Business will help you provide a better services for your customers.

Wifi network system

Wifi Solution

Talking Business’ unique wifi solution is optimised for the hospitality industry.

With each guest potentially bringing, a smart phone, iPod, iPad or tablet, laptop or work phone there has never been more demand on hospitality wireless network.

Its the first thing that is checked when a guest checks in, and the most common complaint when found lacking.

Talking Business uses Meru wireless, whos copyrighted technology has a unique way of navigating the problems occurred in the hospitality industry.

Firstly its single channel design is perfect for a complicated building layout. Providing signal in areas other wireless networks just can’t reach.

With a single channel of wireless coverage blanketing the building, more channels can also be layered on top. This means that bandwidth can be separated by channel layer allowing you to restrict access on different layers. This would allow limited access to free users, more extensive access to customers that pay for better rooms, or better wireless, and complete access for staff.

This design is unique to Meru and is why it is best at coping with excessive demand

See more about Meru by following the link below

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SIP Connectivity

Cloud Telecoms

We know you don’t have time to look after your phones, so let us.

With cloud telecoms, the only thing you have to worry about is using the phone, and saving money while you do it.

With cloud telecoms there is no need for line rental, and with Talking Business bundles, there is no need for call charges.

Check out our packages below to see how simple it really is.

Talking Business Cloud Packages

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Phone Systems


Talking Business offer a wide variety of connectivity lines, from SIP to ISDN.

We’re are very confident in our tariffs that we will beat anyone on price, especially when it comes to SIP virtual lines. These come in at 60% lower than ISDN and offer a wide range of benefits.

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