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We know you don’t have time to talk about telecoms. Let us look after the phones, while you save lives.

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Cloud Telecoms

Talking Business’ Cloud Telecom Packages

Our great experience of providing cloud telecoms has allowed us to put together great packages we believe will be ideal for your company.

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Wireless Networks

B.Y.O.D – Bring your own device

How many patients are treated each day? Each one of those patients have, one, two if not three devices.

They will look to connect to a wireless network while sat in the waiting room. If they register to use the wireless, they can automatically sign in for their appointment when they walk through the door.

Talking Business use Meru for our healthcare customers. This is because its unique design makes it the best solution for roaming. As doctors, nurses and patients roam around the building there won’t ever be a loss of signal.

Click below to find out more about Meru wireless.

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SIP Connectivity


Save with SIP

With ISDN on the way out, everyone is turning to SIP lines as a replacement. SIP are virtual lines that come through an internet connection.

The biggest selling point for the healthcare industry is that SIP can save you up to 60% on line rental. With the budgets being cut every year the savings that can be made through SIP are simply a must.

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Telecommunication Systems

Phone Systems

Talking Business work with multiple suppliers so if a surgery prefers a system on site to the cloud then we can find the perfect solution.

A system will allow the surgery to take advantage of the savings from SIP, but will allow for local redundancy.

There are many other features such as, screen dialling for receptionist, call recording, smart diverts, call reporting.

And with our on call engineers you can be covered by our 24/7/365 maintenance service.

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