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We’ve been helping customers for over 20 years!

The right phone system for YOUR company, not the over-specified latest and greatest system that’s going to cost way over budget.

Talking Business Ltd is one of the UK’s foremost communications companies, providing what is now known as converged technology. Fact of the matter is, our extensive team of experts led by myself, Gordon McRoberts has been providing help, support, lower bills and bespoke communications platforms for over 20 years now!

Like a lot of our competitors we can provide you with the best brands in terms of reliability, quality and value for money. That’s why we partner with the best of breed organisations in communications today; Avaya, Cisco, Splicecom, Nortel and BT to name a few. However, what sets us apart from everyone else is the approach we have always taken to our customers’ business needs. The right phone system for YOUR company, not the over-specified latest and greatest system that’s going to cost way over budget.

A contact centre that addresses business needs head on, enabling your present customer-facing people to do business fast and effectively, ensuring they add more value to the customer’s call, email or letter enquiry. Best possible rates for business calls, keeping the financial director happy that costs are controlled and best value.

We take control of the whole project from base cabling and networking, communications platform implementation through to handset training for your team. Every detail is covered and fully backed up by our knowledgeable and friendly helpdesk team.

Quality back up – we take our staff training and quality processes very seriously. Our team work under stringent quality standards as governed by ISO 9001 plus we have a wealth of talent in terms of engineers and account managers, all accredited to very high standards by our manufacturer partners.

Tomorrow’s technology today – we keep a very keen eye on product developments and are the first to tell our customers about product upgrades and enhancements to their business tools. That’s why TB customers stay TB customers; we want to help you reap more benefits from your investment over time. Does IP telephony offer your business real benefits? We’ll give you an honest answer!

Our unique offerings – talk to us about our Fully Managed Services. The no hassle approach to your communications! Many of our customers have discovered exactly what this means to them; one bill, on hand technical & commercial experts to answer any queries, low-cost call packages and peace of mind with a great communications network and communications platform.

If you’re thinking of reviewing your existing communications supplier, looking to reduce costs or want a real partner to help you leverage communications now and in the future, speak to any member of my team and they will help you.

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